Keith’s first quarterly letter explores the future

Keith Lamb

KIPT Managing Director Keith Lamb has written his first quarterly letter to shareholders, following the tradition of his predecessor John Sergeant.

In this June 2019 Quarterly Letter, Keith speaks about his vision for the company, its strengths and the possibilities for future farm forestry on Kangaroo Island.

“As I imagine the future of forestry in Australia, the model for successful and sustainable growth will likely depart from the traditional template of large-scale block plantings, which has in the past lead to conflict with the agriculture sector over land use, in favour of an integrated agroforestry landscape of commercial treecrops mixed with conventional agriculture (short-term cropping and animal husbandry),” Keith says.

“The notion of agroforestry is not new, but perhaps is an idea whose time has come to support the harmonious growth of the two sectors. Well-designed tree-plantings can complement agriculture providing shade and shelter for stock, habitat for biodiversity, soil conservation benefits, as well as income diversification.”

Read the June Quarter letter here