Environmental standards

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers is committed to maintaining the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

KIPT is consulting about various environmental issues with a variety of agencies, including Biosecurity SA; Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources; and Natural Resources Kangaroo Island.

As part of its commitment to the environment, KIPT also ascribes to various certifications, such as an EPA licence to operate timber treatment plant at the Timber Creek Mill. We are also working with our forest managers PF Olsen towards our Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.


List of environmental studies

Below is a list of studies either completed or ongoing, which will be available later this year as part of the Environmental Impact Statement for the development at Smith Bay.

  • Water quality monitoring since start of 2017
  • Wave, tide & current monitoring from June 2016
  • Coastal processes modelling underway
  • Seabed core sampling – permit issued
  • Whale strike probability modelling
  • Maritime heritage assessment
  • Marine ecology study
  • Terrestrial ecology study
  • Soil and groundwater study
  • Berth harmonics study
  • EPBC matters
  • Specialist adviser on aquaculture – Professor Anthony Cheshire

Water quality monitoring since start of 2017

Wave, tide & current monitoring from June 2016

Marine ecology study

Geotechnical testing at Smith Bay

Working with others

The company is working with agencies and community groups on Kangaroo Island in a number of projects that support the natural environment.

Of the 25,400 hectares of land owned by KIPT, 7300ha (or 29 per cent) is remnant native vegetation within the plantations, which provides important habitat to many species.

KIPT responded to an urgent call by the Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board for support for its Glossy Black-Cockatoo Recovery Program. The company has provided $72,500 in sponsorship to ensure the program continues. Read more here

KIPT has recently signed up to the Kangaroo Island Conservation Landholders Association. The group aims to bring together Island landholders who own land for conservation purposes. We hope through this group to contribute to the conservation of land and the species it supports.

KIPT has also recently given permission for the newly formed Land for Wildlife group to access its properties to survey for the KI dunnart, which is a flagship species on the island and is one of the 20 mammal species identified for priority action in the Australian Government’s Threatened Species Strategy. Its current distribution and population on Kangaroo Island is unknown and difficult to estimate due to its elusive habits. The KI dunnart is only known from a total of 35 records and six current locations, all of which are within Flinders Chase National Park.


Glossy black-cockatoo chick on a plantation property.

 Kangaroo Island Dunnart Sminthopsis aitkeni, taken by Jody Gates