Response to agencies is under way

Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers (KIPT) has now received and reviewed the consolidated comments from all relevant South Australian Government agencies for its Smith Bay Wharf Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

This feedback must be considered by the company, (along with public submissions) in preparing a Response Document, which is a supplement to the Draft EIS, which together form the Final EIS. This consolidated document provides the basis for the assessment report and approval decision by the State and Commonwealth governments.

The government agency comments have now been released by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, at the direction of the Minister. The comments can be found be found by clicking here or using the following hyperlink:

“Based on its analysis and that of its specialist advisers, KIPT believes that all of the issues raised by Government agencies can be satisfactorily addressed in the Response Document.  KIPT is not aware of any matter that would prevent the project from being approved and remains confident that development consent will be forthcoming,” KIPT Managing Director Keith Lamb said.

“A small number of issues will require further scientific and engineering analysis, the extent of which will depend upon the degree to which KIPT amends its original proposal to address or eliminate impacts,” Mr Lamb said.

The Major Development process encourages the modification and improvement of projects to address public and government agency comments, together with any new information that may arise through the consultation process. KIPT will continue to investigate design enhancements for the in-water structure, to further reduce dredge quantities, improve circulation of water in Smith Bay and further increase separation from sensitive receptors. Landside changes will also be considered by KIPT and its project partner Mitsui. The Response DocumentResponse will provide details of any such project improvements.

The company is considering the impact of any such changes on capital and operating costs. It notes that, after considering recent changes in market prices of hardwood chip and pine logs, together with expected production costs, KIPT’s forecasts of net operating cash flow expected over the 10 years during which existing plantations will be harvested are materially unchanged.

KIPT will analyse and respond to all government and public submissions, constructively and respectfully, with a view to delivering the project in a way that benefits the Island and the State, while protecting the environment and existing Island businesses. We will provide further updates, including when we submits a Response Document.