Company welcomes new Marshall state government

The company welcomes Premier Steven Marshall and his new State Government in South Australia.

KIPT has been in contact with Mr Marshall and various of his Shadow Ministry in the past couple of years, and we look forward to updating him soon on the progress of our project, and working with his team for the prosperity of South Australia.
The incoming Marshall Government has committed to a range of measures to increase the size of forest industries in South Australia, including the establishment of a Forest Industries Advisory Council, increased support for skills training and the use of some mining and petroleum royalties to provide better, safer regional infrastructure and dedicated regional roads.
In addition, the Marshall Government has a dedicated Minister for Trade and Investment, David Ridgway, who is familiar with the role that the company will play in boosting South Australia’s forestry exports.

KIPT’s forestry project and wharf development is expected to create 267 full-time jobs and create $53m in additional economic activity per year. The Marshall government has vowed to create the conditions needed to foster increased private investment in South Australia and thereby create the employment opportunities that will halt and reverse the drift of young people to other states.

The company also welcomes the returning Member for Mawson. Leon Bignell MP is the former Minister for Forestry so he has not only an excellent understanding of the key issues on Kangaroo Island but also expertise in our particular industry.

Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman grew up on Kangaroo Island. She will no doubt  take a special interest in the opportunities presented by our project to grow the economy of the Island and benefit the community.